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Our story

Creation of Urbanloop

Launch of Urbanloop

A project born at the university

Urbanloop - History

Urbanloop was born in 2017 at the University of Lorraine. The students were asked the following question: "for a given quantity of matter and energy, what is the optimal solution in terms of mobility? Paradoxically, individual transport appeared to be much more efficient. By proposing individual electric public transport, it was possible to envisage a way to compete with the car directly on its main advantage: speed and travel time. The new system was based on the disappearance of waiting times and a total absence of intermediate stops and connections.

The first capsule

First prototype

Implementation - Urbanloop

From this idea, the project leaders worked to remove the various technological obstacles one by one. The question of how to manage such a fleet of individual vehicles quickly became central.

What was a simple computer simulation could now be physically prototyped. The Grand Est region provided financial support so that Urbanloop could carry out its first field tests. A first test circuit was installed at the Brabois Technopole and the first capsules were built.

Conversion to a company

SAS Urbanloop

A new scope

Our company

Since 2019, the project has taken on a new dimension. Urbanloop SAS was created to develop the project in an industrial and commercial way.

World record

Setting a record

Lowest energy consumption per kilometre

This world record was achieved in the presence of institutional partners who believe in us and strongly support our project. It was in the presence of the Minister of Transport, Mr. Djebbari and Mr. Rottner, President of the Grand Est Region that Urbanloop achieved this technological feat.

In addition to these personalities, there are all the local elected representatives, such as Mathieu Klein, Mayor of Nancy and President of the Greater Nancy Metropolis, who have supported the project since the beginning of its development and who trust us to create mobility solutions for their territory.

Urbanloop - Press contact

Keolis has been a privileged partner of the project since its creation. We are collaborating with Keolis for the first experiment in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines: Urbanloop as system operator and Keolis as operator. The Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines agglomeration community will be the project manager.


In order to be able to welcome the public, Urbanloop must be certified and approved by various authorities. These compulsory steps in transport innovation are complex and difficult but necessary. Their feedback is essential for the progress of our industrial developments and the deployment of our mobility solutions. We chose Certifer to accompany us in our first project.

Great East
Ministry of Ecological Transition
BPI France

Urbanloop is financially supported by various State innovation support instruments. Within the framework of the Investment and Future Programme (PIA4), ADEME is participating in the financing of the public demonstrator in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. Our research programme is partly financed by the Ministry of Higher Education and by BPI France (winner of the I-Lab competition). The Grand Est Region also provides financial support in the framework of the R&D grant on artificial intelligence.

Transport Innovation Agency

Cerema is helping us with urban integration and environmental aspects, while the Directorate-General for Infrastructure, Transport and Mobility (DGITM) is providing us with its expertise on the subject of light trains.

The Transport Innovation Agency guides us within the State and local authorities. The STRMTG is guiding us in our approval process with a view to receiving the public.

The Nancy regional customs and excise office supported us when we were awarded the "Made in France" label.

Plastiques et Stratifiés Vosgiens
He-site pas - Web agency in Nancy
Chardot TP
Constructions Métalliques de VOID

Urbanloop is proud to work with trusted local industrial partners, who accompany us with seriousness and talent in our projects and innovations. Thanks to them we can improve our products on a daily basis. Thanks to these suppliers and subcontractors, Urbanloop can now look forward to the future with confidence.


Born of the intellectual wealth of Nancy's engineering schools, Urbanloop continues its work in these creative and ingenious grounds.

Urbanloop also relies on the technical knowledge of two laboratories in Lorraine, the Centre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy (CRAN), the Groupe de Recherche en Energie Electrique de Nancy (GREEN) and the Laboratoire Lorrain en Recherche en Informatique et ses Applications (LORIA) . These laboratories of excellence support us in our research and development tasks by contributing their know-how. Urbanloop has also benefited from the support of the University of Lorraine's incubator of excellence

Numerous student projects are being developed in partnership with Urbanloop to think further ahead and project ourselves technologically into the future. To find out more about these student projects, go to urbanloop-univ.fr

Métropole Grand Nancy
Saint Quentin en Yvelines

Urbanloop has already been involved in two transport projects. We would like to thank these communities for committing themselves to us to make the world of mobility move.

By choosing to install Urbanloop on their territories, these territories will be pioneers of a new, green, fast and carbon-free mobility.

Our facilities

Urbanloop is based at 18 Allée de la Forêt de la Reine in Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy. Located in the Nancy-Brabois technology park. With a surface area of 99m2, Urbanloop still hosts many student and administrative activities on this site.

Located at 5 Avenue Nelson Mandela, our premises consist of 4 offices and a break room. For a total of 150m2, the employees are installed in comfortable offices to work. These premises allow our engineers to develop their prototypes in complete serenity and improve them in synergy with their colleagues.

The test track is one of Urbanloop's prides. It allows Urbanloop to be autonomous and efficient in its development. It is one of the key showcases of our project, and we will be delighted to welcome you there for demonstrations and working discussions.

We use this circuit to :

  • Development: This circuit is used daily to develop new capsule prototypes and software modules;
  • Testing: This circuit is used daily in our research and development tasks. It allows us to test in real conditions all the evolutions we bring to our capsules, our software and our rails;
  • Demonstrate : this tour is used to show our progress to visitors or partners of Urbanloop. It also allows us to showcase our mobility solution and its great capabilities to the public.

On this circuit, we also have our design and maintenance workshop. It allows us to maintain our capsules on a daily basis but also to start training technicians in the complete maintenance of the mechanical system.

Our organisation

Our dynamic team consists of 12 employees.

Urbanloop Team