Our benefits

Our solution

A beneficial innovation

Urbanloop aims to be a means of transport that benefits users and society. Thus, everything in its design, installation and operation is designed to make this mode of transport an innovation that benefits everyone.


  • Reduced travel time
  • Free-flowing traffic
  • Secure transport
  • Optimal energy efficiency


  • 24-hour service
  • Easy to use
  • Accessibility for people with disabilities (motor, visual, hearing)


  • 100% electric, rail-powered
  • Recyclability of all materials used, construction without concrete
  • No liquid pollution, no batteries, no air or gas pollution
  • Reduced ecological footprint
  • No noise pollution
  • Little land use
  • No impact on fauna and flora


  • Scalable in the event of expansion or urban redevelopment
  • Can be deployed on a large scale
  • Economic attractiveness


  • Safety of travellers
  • High acceptability as it does not change the urban landscape
  • Social distancing in case of epidemics

The user is the heart of the system

In its operation, Urbanloop has focused on the user experience. Thanks to its system without intermediate stops or connections, journey times are reduced. The vehicles are comfortable and intelligent, which contributes to the quality of the user experience.

Urbanloop is based on the assumption that users always choose the means of transport that will be the fastest for them. By eliminating waiting times, Urbanloop becomes faster than existing solutions. The Urbanloop service is designed to be accessible to everyone.

Accessible by day and by night thanks to the absence of drivers, accessible from 12 to 120 years old thanks to its comfortable interior and its simplicity of use, and finally accessible to everyone despite their possible disability.

Our values

Environmentally friendly transport

Our benefits
Our benefits

Urbanloop has designed its system to advance the ecological transition. Thanks to its battery-free electric operation, Urbanloop is a win-win situation for the environment as a low-carbon transport solution. The system is easily dismantled and benefits from a limited land area.

This allows Urbanloop to follow a sober and sustainable path. The majority of Urbanloop's materials are recyclable.

Benefits of Urbanloop

A tool for territorial development


Competitive prices

By offering an economical and sober solution, Urbanloop makes it possible to move around the city at a competitive cost.

Installation costs

The installation costs are competitive so that a moderate sized territory can invest in such a project.


Urbanloop ensures the proper use of its technology. The social acceptability of a new mode of transport is a key element of its success.

Our technology

Urbanloop is working towards recognition of the beneficial and innovative nature of its technology.
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