Our concept

More fluidity

Paradigm shift

Decrease size, increase frequency

Our concept - Urbanloop

Historically, public transport has been based on the mutualisation of the driver and the combustion engine.

This made it possible to achieve economies of scale by putting a large number of seats in the same box (bus, train, tram). As soon as there is no longer a need for drivers, and electric motors are very efficient, the paradigm changes. We think that we need to break the box and let the seats escape to offer a much more fluid mobility service. It's the hourglass principle: the finer the grain, the greater the flow.

Bypass stations for immediate care

It is not you waiting for the vehicle, it is the vehicle waiting for you.

Urbanloop is like the motorway. Whoever wants to stop gets out on a parallel lane without disturbing the traffic. This branching architecture is different from conventional transport (metro, tram, bus) where everyone has to stop at every station.

This allows for direct journeys and for vehicles to be always ready to go for users in stations.


Battery-free electric capsules for high durability

The major challenges of the coming century are energy sobriety and the durability of materials. By choosing to multiply the number of vehicles in a transport infrastructure, Urbanloop must guarantee the reliability and maintainability of the system.

This is why Urbanloop has made the bold choice of an extra-low voltage power supply via the rails, which means that batteries (heavy, expensive, non-recyclable and temperature-sensitive) are not used.

This allows for 24/7 availability. Because the vehicles do not carry their own energy, they are safer, lighter and more reliable.

Green transport

An exclusive right-of-way with guidance to reduce the land area

Our concept - Urbanloop

Because in order to compete effectively with the use of the car, it is necessary to offer a mobility service with shorter journey times, Urbanloop has chosen to use a dedicated site in order to be able to travel more quickly and safely.

By providing safety and power, rail guidance reduces the risk of accidents and facilitates accessibility to the platform, thanks to its greater precision.


Minimising environmental impact

Urbanloop is very demanding in terms of vehicle compactness, and fits in with the minimum possible land area, i.e. the width of a pavement for a single lane, and of half a road for a double lane.

This makes it possible to create green alleys efficiently served by public transport accessible to all, while sharing the space with other forms of soft mobility: walking, cycling.

Urbanloop is silent: 63db at 50km/h at 5m and allows to calm the cities.