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Our next four years are dedicated to the implementation of a demonstrator in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines in 2024 and a permanent project in Nancy in 2026.

We are now starting to select the first ten Urbanloop projects. For each project, we will visit the site and discuss with the community whether it is appropriate to set up an Urbanloop.

Thanks to a modular and pre-designed offer, Urbanloop can be operational in record time.

01. Making contact

During an informal discussion, the client describes his need for mobility and urban integration. This exchange can lead to a visit to our experimental site in Tomblaine and a visit by our teams to the envisaged site. At the end of this stage, orders of magnitude are defined: timetable, necessary capacity, investment cost and operating cost. This stage is free of charge.

02. Opportunity study

An initial study is launched in partnership with an engineering firm on one or more potential routes. Our mission includes the collection of input data, the analysis and confirmation of the routes, the study of the routes, the multi-criteria analysis and the precise estimation of the investment and operating costs. The layout study includes a proposal for the positioning of the stations, a typical cross-section and the sizing of the system.

The principles of implementation and maintenance are defined. Urbanloop takes care of the 3D visualisation of the project. Urbanloop takes care of the pre-verification of the environmental and societal constraints by producing a study report.

03. Full study

With the help of specialised firms, Urbanloop carries out all the studies required for the project, whether technical, environmental or safety-related. Urbanloop proposes to carry out the safety files (DDS, DPS, DS) in partnership with the prospective operator and proposes to coordinate the environmental and societal studies. These studies can also be carried out by the project owner at the client's convenience.


04. Manufacturing

Urbanloop is involved in the design and manufacture of the various components of its system. In our workshops, Urbanloop assembles the rolling stock for our projects. These vehicles will be designed, manufactured and tested before being put into service.

05. Delivery and installation

Urbanloop delivers and provides its own rail system to run its capsules. If the project takes place on a public site, the work required to accommodate the rails is coordinated by the client. Urbanloop takes care of the installation and commissioning of the system.

The duration of the works and tests between the first day of the works and the first day of commissioning is estimated at 6 months.

Our services - Urbanloop

06. Operation

Urbanloop is based on a system of fully automated and remotely controlled capsules. No driver is needed.

Our network management tools are simple to access and easy to learn. Except in special cases, Urbanloop trains the network operators by inserting itself into the client's transport system and entrusts the current or future operator with the keys to its system.

07. Simplified maintenance

The capsules are designed for easy operation and simple maintenance.

The routine maintenance of the system is carried out by the operator. Like a system builder, Urbanloop only intervenes in the event of a failure of the supervision system or the artificial intelligence algorithms. The company supplies all the necessary spare parts.

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